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A Stitch in Time?

As I was darning and embellishing this birch bark, I kept noticing more and more holes.  The more I stitched, the more I found.  Which made me think about the plight of our planet. Every scientific study is finding more problems caused by humanity from the warming of oceans, to species extinction to plastic pollution. Continue reading “A Stitch in Time?”

The Surrendered Wife

From an early age I’d always wanted to make a quilt.  Some kind of childhood fantasy about stitching around an open fire, making a beautiful heirloom from treasured scraps of clothing.  You only have to think about Red Riding Hood’s grandmother tucked up under the covers, or Goldilocks examining the beds in the bears’ houseContinue reading “The Surrendered Wife”

Some day my prince will come

When I was a child, I would read fairy tales late into the night by the light on the landing outside my bedroom (unless I was caught that is…).  I despised the insipid heroines waiting patiently for rescue instead identifying with those who used their skills to rescue their brothers or cursed princes by weavingContinue reading “Some day my prince will come”