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Knitted Lives Project

From woolly wonders to dropped stitch disasters the Knitted Lives project captures different voices and viewpoints on the joy, love, bonding, frustration and solace of knitting.

Meet the Knitters

How do knitters think, interact and create? What is their knitted history from their first stitch, through to their proudest moment?   Who did they knit with, where and when? Whose knitted life story will you want to dip into?


Tell me your knitted life story.

Knitted Lives will be at the Stitch Festival in March 2023. Come and share your knitted wonders and disasters. Wear them with pride.

Knitted Jen

Sagging but still full of adventure

Knitted Jen started life as a self-portrait, but quickly went on to have a life of her own exploring the contemporary knitted world.

Where has she been? Where should she go next?

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