All About Jen

Hello I’m Jen. I come from a long, long line of makers. I learnt to knit and sew from my mother, metal working from my father and to invent/tinker from my grandfather. Looking further back in my family tree there are calligraphers, shoe makers, cutlers, candlestick makers and piano makers to name just a few.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham University and then Applied and Fine Art at Mary Ward before exploring Basketry at the City Lit then machine knitting at Morley College.

Upcoming Exhibitions
  • Winter Show at Thrown Contemporary in Highate, London – November 19 – 24 Jan 2021
  • Gallery «Klostertorkel» in Maienfeld , Germany – December 5 – 19 2020
Previous Exhibitions
Unframed, Kunstraum Gallery, Winterthur, SwitzerlandOctober 2020
Knitting and stitching show textile galleriesOct & Dec 2019
Be Creative MagazineDecember 2019
Craft Business MagazineNovember 2019
450th Anniversary of guild of basketry,
Weaving the cycle of life
February 2019
Embroidery MagazineJan/Feb 2019
Basketmakers Association MagazineSeptember 2018
Angel of History, Burgh House, LondonFebruary 2018
Bloomsbury Festival, LondonNovember 2016
LGBT Exhibition, Mary Ward, LondonNovember 2015
Letter in Mind, Oxo Tower, LondonOctober 2015 – 18
Secret Lives, 5th base gallery, LondonJuly 2015
Beauty in Imperfection, Asylum gallery, LondonJune 2015
Influence & Interplay, Burgh House, LondonDecember 2014

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