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All About Jen

Hello I’m Jen. I come from a long, long line of makers. I learnt to knit and sew from my mother, metal working from my father and to invent/tinker from my grandfather. Looking further back in my family tree there are calligraphers, shoe makers, cutlers, candlestick makers and piano makers to name just a few.

My work has been displayed nationally (London, Yorkshire, Norfolk) and internationally (Ukraine, Germany and Switzerland).  I’ve also recently been featured in ‘100 great textile artists’ and in Digital Cloth magazine.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham University and then Applied and Fine Art at Mary Ward before exploring Basketry at the City Lit then machine knitting and metal sculpture at Morley College.

For me, art isn’t just for the wall or the mantelpiece. Each of my works has a tale to tell, a question to ask or a pleasure to share.
Some celebrate aspects of life that have brought me happiness; others are darker and demand change.

Upcoming Exhibitions

My Knitted Lives Project celebrating the community and possibilities of knitting is at the Stitch Festival in London from 23rd to 26th March 2023.

Previous Exhibitions

Digital Cloth Magazine, AustraliaDecember 2022
100 Days of Amazing Textile Art by @textile curatorSeptember 2022
Avant Gardeners show at Houghton Hall curated by Contemporary and Country May – Sept 2022
‘Working with tree bark’, guest speaker at the Knit & Stitch showsOct & Nov 2021
Knitted Lives project, Framework Knitters MuseumOctober 2021
2nd International Micro Textile Art Exhibition;
Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine
June 2021
Winter Show at Thrown Contemporary, London, UKNov 20 – Jan 21
Gallery «Klostertorkel» in Maienfeld , GermanyDecember 2020
Unframed, Kunstraum Gallery, Winterthur, SwitzerlandOctober 2020
Knitting and stitching show textile galleriesOct & Dec 2019
Be Creative MagazineDecember 2019
Craft Business MagazineNovember 2019
450th Anniversary of guild of basketry,
Weaving the cycle of life
February 2019
Embroidery MagazineJan/Feb 2019
Basketmakers Association MagazineSeptember 2018
Angel of History, Burgh House, LondonFebruary 2018
Bloomsbury Festival, LondonNovember 2016
LGBT Exhibition, Mary Ward, LondonNovember 2015
Letter in Mind, Oxo Tower, LondonOctober 2015 – 18
Secret Lives, 5th base gallery, LondonJuly 2015
Beauty in Imperfection, Asylum gallery, LondonJune 2015
Influence & Interplay, Burgh House, LondonDecember 2014

If you’d like to know about my latest work and shows, please sign up below. I promise you won’t be bombarded.

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