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My Work

Walk in the Woods

I love the outdoors, whether it’s the woods, meadows or mountains. All too often, I find a beautiful piece of bark, a branch that is too shapely to leave behind, or some seaweed that is calling to me with a story to tell. I’ve been known to carry them for miles.

An Ideal Woman?

Fairy tales tried to teach me that diligence, obedience and humility were the path to happiness. Now it’s brand advertising and social media that seek to shape my views of acceptable female conduct. Am I truly only valuable if I am young, slim and beautiful?

Knitted Lives

Knitting is all around us, our lives begin wrapped in a hospital baby blanket and go on through knitted toys, jumpers and hats; whether we want to wear them or not. Knitted lives explores the joys and solace of knitting, giving us a brief insight into the hidden life of the amateur knitter and those who receive their wares. If you would like to participate, let me know.

Latest Work

For me, art isn’t just for the wall or the mantelpiece. Each of my works has a tale to tell, a question to ask or a joy to share. Storytelling has been the heart of culture ever since we sat around fireplaces dressed in animal pelts. Stories help us learn to be part of the community, share information as well as entertain.

About Jen
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