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A Stitch in Time?

As I was darning and embellishing this birch bark, I kept noticing more and more holes.  The more I stitched, the more I found.  Which made me think about the plight of our planet. Every scientific study is finding more problems caused by humanity from the warming of oceans, to species extinction to plastic pollution. Continue reading “A Stitch in Time?”

She Persisted

Research shows that women who want to succeed are told that they need to consciously monitor themselves to balance assertion with enough caring/nurturing behaviours so they don’t upset the way in which others are used to seeing the world working. How much longer do we need to hide our strength behind a soft outer shell to be accepted and recognised for what we can contribute?

Mountain Stream

I’ve always loved water. I have childhood memories of outdoor unheated pools and my long suffering father forced to accompany me to keep me safe. Recollections of rushing into the Irish Sea every day on holiday and emerging blue, shivering and covered in goose bumps to then hide behind a windbreak and chafe heat back into my limbs.