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Who blazed your trail?

It’s taken a long while for me to feel confident in saying that I’m a feminist.  When I entered the work place as one of the few female mechanical engineers in the UK, I was far more visible than was comfortable and sometimes I had to laugh/accept situations that weren’t as fair as they should have been.  Dealing with surprise that I was both a female and a capable engineer was a daily occurrence.  Sometimes that opened doors for me, causing resentment from equally capable male colleagues.  Sometimes it meant that I had to shut my mouth and smile at crass remarks.

There are so many women who have inspired me, and made my life and career a little richer.  So thank you to all those feminists who stood up and challenged those in power enabling me to study, to work after marriage, to own property and to vote.  Thank you to those who endeavoured to get me equal pay.  Thank you to those who are making it clear that sexual harassment is not OK.

These days I’m proud to be a feminist.  Helping other women achieve their potential.  Drawing attention to practices and beliefs that hinder or limit female opportunity – or anyone’s opportunity.  So yes, I know that bra-burning never actually happened on the feminist marches in the late sixties; but that doesn’t stop it being an incredible metaphor for the removal of restrictive practices to create a richer world for us all.

Published by jencableart

Jen Cable is a mixed media textile artist who loves to draw attention to the outmoded, fabulous, awful and bizarre aspects of culture and everyday society

One thought on “Who blazed your trail?

  1. I was reminded today of a fabulous quote by Rebecca West who said in 1913 ‘People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat, or a prostitute. So true.


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